The Benefits

The Intruder Alarm is the backbone to any commercial Security System, it preforms it’s main task while the building is unoccupied and therefore is the main link to protecting your business. Our modern Intruder Alarm Systems now often do much more than just intruder detection, providing Panic Alarms, Access Control, Fire Alarm Integration and visual verification from the CCTV system and through camera PIR detectors. Once connected to our 24hr monitoring station it provides unrivalled security and protection for your business.


Without sufficient detectors the Intruder Alarm System is virtually worthless, well placed detectors allow the alarm to activate to would be threats rapidly minimising damage to your premises and stock from would be intruders. Key detectors are:

  • Door Contact – Providing alert to a door/shutter opening
  • Inertia Sensor – Detecting a window/door been forced open
  • PIR Detector – Passive Infra Red Detector, detects movement
  • Acoustic Detector – Detects certain pitches of noise in an area
  • Panic Button – Detects a Panic Alarm when pressed
  • Smoke Alarm – Detects Smoke or Fire




Modern alarm systems do much more than just ring a bell in the event of an activation. Most alarm systems now act as a mini BMS system allowing managers to control the buildings security from one point of access. The alarm system can be expanded to incorporate features such as Access Control allowing the buildings access rights to be controlled via the main panel and also allowing for cause and effect programming e.g. to set an area when all employees have left and then disarm the area when a new employee enters it. The system can also be interfaced to the CCTV system allowing the monitoring station to visually verify any alarm activation.


It is imperative to have any commercial alarm monitored not only to provide compliance with commercial insurance policy requirements but also to limit company downtime by ensuring intruders are apprehended before major theft or damage takes place. All of our systems can be linked to our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) via PSTN (Land line), GSM (Cellular) or IP (Broadband). In the event of an activation the Intruder Alarm System contacts the ARC who in turn will contact the relevant key holders or guarding company alerting them to the intrusion and then at the request of the key holder (upon a confirmed alarm) contact the Gardai. The system is also polled to insure that the link to the ARC is functional at all times.