Why have an Alarm?

Worried about being burgled or a fire in your home? You don’t have to worry because the iAlarm gives you complete peace of mind. With the latest figures showing that aggravated burglaries were up by 4.12% in 2014, it is all the more important to be
sure that your home won’t be next.

The Wireless Solution

It has been shown that burglars will avoid premises which are perceived to be secured, locked gates, guard dog and CCTV cameras all help to deter an Intruder but a modern, working Alarm System, installed by a competent well established company and connected to an App or a monitoring station provides the best form of deterrent and alert for your home.


The Wired/Wireless Solution

Unfortunately in the current times nuisance alarms constantly ringing mean that neighbors and passersby often ignore a ringing alarm it is therefore crucial to monitor your alarm either by our range of Smart Phone App’s or by connecting it to a Central Station. The iAlarm burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms keep you, your home and your family safe, with a round the clock response to all alarm activations.


The Pay As You Go Option

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